Day Surgery:

Many patients having surgical procedures done today arrive at the hospital, have their surgery and are released the same day. Today’s new short acting anesthetic medication and continuous monitoring devices enable anesthesiologist to provide their patients with the best medical care possible on a daily basis. The various techniques that may be applied to provide anesthesia include local, regional nerve blocks, and general anesthesia.

After surgery, you will be taken to a recovery room and closely observed. When you meet the discharge criteria which have been determined specifically fro you, you will be released to go home with a friend or family member. You must have someone reliable to take you home after your release since your coordination and various reflexes may be impaired for at least 24 hours, making normal activities such as driving difficult.

If after your surgery you do not feel well or experience pain, tell the nurses or anesthesiologist in the recovery room so they can determine how best to help you. You will nnot be released to go home until you have sufficiently recovered from you anesthesia. Occasionally, some patients need additional care or can experience difficulties following surgery and may need to be observed or treated in the hospital overnight until they are well enough to go home.